How to Detox your Liver: Health Benefits and Tips

how to detox your liver
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Do you often feel nausea and fatigue, abdominal bloating and weakness; chances are you are suffering from the toxic liver. Now the question is how to detox your liver?

Our liver plays a dual function. It is the major organ for detoxing (which our body is naturally doing 24*7) as well as functions as the major digestive organ.

Nowadays, we often tend to overburden our livers that are now seeking help from us for its detoxification. Let us first understand the meaning of toxic liver.

The toxic liver also known as hepatotoxicity means the capacity of a chemical, drug or other toxic elements to produce poisonous substance causing harm to the liver.

Agents that cause hepatotoxicity are alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, valproic acid and isonicotinic acid hydrazide.

If you are already concerned about your liver, take a look at the symptoms of a toxic liver.[1]

  • Trouble in digesting fatty food.
  • Had your gallbladder operated
  • Sudden weight gain and inability to lose weight in spite of being under calorie restriction.
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Triglycerides and high cholesterol
  • Fatty lumps around eyes
  • Liver spots or dark spots on the skin
  • Potbelly or excessive abdominal fat
  • Pain or discomfort right under the rib cage
  • Heartburn
  • Acid reflux
  • Excessive perspiration or overheating of the body
  • Acne or itchy skin

These are some of the common symptoms of a toxic liver. If you are having these symptoms, you might have a toxic liver. But wait, do not worry, we have got you covered. Just like every problem under the sun has a solution, every disease has a cure.

You can enhance the health of your liver by metabolizing of alcohol, destroying old blood cells, detoxifying the blood, storing minerals, vitamins, and glycogen, activating enzymes, removing toxins from the blood, producing and excreting bile and converting lactate into energy.

If all that has been mentioned above goes over your head than just take a deep breath and relax. We are here to help you with your detoxification process.

We will answer all your queries regarding how to detox your liver efficiently by mentioning all the steps to be taken to detox your liver. Just follow the steps and get an answer to how to detox your liver.[2]

How to Detox your Liver Naturally

  • Diminish Visceral fat

Visceral fat is a word used to describe deep fat that surrounds around any organ, such as liver and heart. This is in contrary to ‘subcutaneous’ fat, which rests under the skin and gives an overweight or flab appearance. Visceral fat gets stored in the midsection of the organs and it makes your waist appear thicker or broad.

  • Intake of lots of raw vegetable juice

Detox Waters and Juices for Weight LossAs it is important to maintain a consistent level of meal every day, having a glass of raw vegetable juice is much easier than having a plate full of detox salad.

Liquid diet has an added advantage of easy digestion, which makes it easier for the body to assimilate and absorb. The fiber substance accelerates the removal of toxins in the body while supplying sustenance to the digestive tract.

It is imperative to note that the juice of vegetable has to be raw for getting a better result.

Vegetables to incorporate in the liver detox juice are sprouts, Brussels, cauliflower, cucumber, cabbage, carrots, beets, and other green vegetables. Addition of parsley, mint, lemon is allowed for flavor.

  • Enhance intake of Vitamin B

By enhancing Vitamin B in your diet, you can help to make your cells more proficient at breaking down nutrients to generate energy and can also help avoid building up of fat around the liver, which, can lead to a mass of health problems.

Enhancing Vitamin B can also help diminish fatigue and daily break in energy.

  • Increase intake of Potassium rich food

Potassium consumption is imperative to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, diminishing bad cholesterol, and also decreasing systolic blood pressure.

Bananas serve as a vital supply of potassium, however, sweet potatoes contain more potassium, needless to mention its rich fiber content and beta-carotene. Other sources of potassium include spinach, tomato sauce or pasta, blackstrap molasses and beet greens.

  • Consumption of more Vitamin C

vitamin C to get rid of a coldVitamin C is a dominant antioxidant that can help battle inflammation. This element gives Vitamin C a noteworthy benefit if you are in look out for nutrients that will help you protect your liver from free radicals and toxins.

  • Avoid consumption of refined sugar and processed food

The easiest and best way to detox your liver is to keep away from any kind of processed food or refined sugar. Such foods contain synthetic ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals that devastate the entire digestive system, making it more and harder to function efficiently. By simply removing processed foods from your daily diet will give your liver instant relief.

  • Alternative Fasting

This process of dieting requires food consumption to be condensed to zero-calorie stuff, such as caffeinated drink for a prescribed time period, before consumption of food for another prescribed time period.

Alternative fasting comprises of prime benefits, like dropping extra calorie, and more intricate benefits, like helping redevelop blood cells, which is efficient in creating tissues and cells in many organs, including liver.

Your liver can take advantage of these efficient tissues, as it ensures more revitalization than any other organs. Taking up easy intervals in which your routine consumption takes place, like the trendy lean gains method of alternative fasting where consumption of food is limited to an 8-hour difference, will help in ensuring your liver’s health.

  • Consumption of detox water

detox waters for weight lossDetox water such as lemon water can help in providing support to the liver and has been shown to decrease DNA fragmentation, inflammation, liver damage and brain lipid peroxidation.

This natural and homely remedy is a good line of defense against free radicals and increased reactive oxygen species due to the existence of citric acid in lemon juice.

  • Enhance intake of more blood efficient food

An iron supplement is a vital food supplement in the improvement of RBC, which is imperative for transmitting O2 in our body.

The liver is where surplus iron is accumulated and the also it plays a major role in circulating iron in our body. If your daily diet is an iron deficit, this can lead liver to decrease its storage.

Nevertheless, if an unnecessary quantity of iron is consumed, this can lead seditious chemicals to be unconfined into the liver, leading to a great degree of liver harm.

If such level of consumption continues, it can lead to diseases and liver dysfunction such as cirrhosis or liver scarring, steatohepatitis, fibrosis, and at extreme case liver cancer.

Therefore, as not consuming sufficient iron can cause decreased energy levels and anemia, consumption of too much of iron might be very harmful to your liver.

  • Consume digestive enzymes to purify your Albumin (blood)

There are many approaches to reduce or cleanse lethal build-up in the blood cells to ease the load off liver, and consumption of digestive adjuvant with prescribed meals is one of the most sought-after approaches.

Within seconds, this digestive adjuvant will start to fuel immunity cells to guzzle immune compounds. Immune compounds are elements that inhabit in various parts of the body, which might lead to inflammation and tissue damage, or even can cause certain cancers.

Enzymes are helpful in eradicating these, consequently diminishing swelling and rendering assistance to the immunity system.

Digestive adjuvant or enzymes are also effective in breaking down casein, lactose which can significantly recover Irritable Bowel Syndrome and also other stomach uneasiness, in accretion to bearing the pressure of liver.

Now as you got to know how to detox your liver, you must be wondering about the benefits of detox liver.[3]

  • More energetic and focused

With your liver detoxed, you will feel more focused with a sense of clarity and renewed energy.

  • Get freedom from emotional breakdown

An imbalanced liver leads to frustration, anger and also depression. During the first stages of detoxing, you might go through more emotional imbalance but trust me, once you get into a daily habit of detoxing, you will feel more emotionally lighter.

  • Weight Loss

Detox your liver and you will be able to metabolize your excess fats better and you will even pave way for balanced hormones. Needless to mention the mention the benefits of a thinner waistline!

  • Get rid of unwanted acne

By consuming liver detox juices, you can kiss goodbye to your acne forever.

  • Enhances Vitality

Dropping all that toxic build-up will make your skin look healthier and brighter. And as supporting bile production helps in breaking down of fat, you can also tone your body easily and could even feel and look at least six years younger!

  • Diminishes chances of liver stones

Liver stones are often caused due to imbalanced diet and consumption of too much cholesterol. When you go through the detox process it helps in diminishing the chances of forming liver stones.

  • Helps in whole body detox

Detoxing your liver helps in detoxing your entire body as a healthy liver works better in removing toxins and converting them into harmless byproducts.

Aren’t these benefits of detoxing your liver is attractive enough to let you undertake the healthy journey of ‘detoxification’.

With that right weight and acne free appearance, you will not only feel emotionally free but will also be boosted up with confidence. Therefore do not neglect the symptoms and undertake a detox routine right from today.


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