How To Cleanse Your Body To Lose Weight: A Quick Guide

How To Cleanse Your Body To Lose Weight
Written by Maria Marie

Have you ever asked yourself how to cleanse your body to lose weight? Instead of eating less or doing a super strict exercise regime, you know there are options that allow you to lose weight by simply learning to eat better.

For this kind of inquiry, usually, detox diets are a good call. Basically, cleansing your body will usually inevitably help you lose weight in a natural way if done correctly.

A well-done detox diet can help you feel fresher, lighter more energetic and healthier overall. Depending on how intensive your detox diet is, you can even couple it with moderate doses of exercise to help you tone your muscles.

This will help the weight you took off stay off for good. However, remember that there are many varieties of detox diets, so always make sure to consult your doctor or nutritionist before beginning in order to make sure you pick a diet that will suit your body, your goals, and your exercise plan.

With that being said, in this article, you will find an approximation of what a detox diet is, how you could begin a detox diet and basically how to cleanse your body to lose weight.

What Is A Detox Diet?

Detox is short for detoxification and this refers to the body’s natural process of neutralizing and eliminating toxins.

The body takes detoxification as a serious, ongoing process due to the fact that toxins are substances that could harm body tissue.

Toxins are often found in the body in the form of waste products that result from normal cell activity like lactic acid or chemicals that our body is exposed to in our environment, water, and even food.

Our bodies work hard to transform these toxins into less harmful compounds that can be excreted.

As you can surely imagine by now, a detox diet is a short-term diet that aims to help your body remove toxins and, in the process, help you lose weight as a result.  

Lately, detox diets have become increasingly popular. However, it’s worth mentioning that there is little evidence stating that they eliminate toxins from your body. But don’t get discouraged! This doesn’t mean a detox diet can’t bring you healthy benefits.

Many users have reported feeling more focused and energetic both during and after detox diets.

10 health benefits of probioticsPeople claim to feel better because of detox diets due to the fact that they force the user to eliminate highly processed foods that have added sugars and solid fats. Just avoiding such low-nutrition, high-calorie foods for some days can cause people to feel healthier, more energetic and focused.

Although, in order to experience these benefits it is very important to be very careful in picking which kind of detox diet to practice.

You should first visit your doctor or nutritionist if you want to start a detox diet, in order for them to assess you and pick a diet that goes well with your body.

It is also very important to be careful with what kind of exercise you do, because some detox diets are so intense that overusing your body could cause you harm, excessive fatigue or make you pass out. If any of these things happen to you, consult a doctor immediately.

Because of these risks, we also advise you against excessively intense detox diets: it is important that your body gets proper nutrition in order for you to live a healthy life.

Always take care of yourself, especially when choosing how to cleanse your body to lose weight.

So, How Does A Detox Diet Work Anyway?

As we’ve mentioned, there are many types of detox diets, but all of them follow the same principles. Basically, these principles are:

  1. It typically starts with a period of fasting (this doesn’t mean not eating anything at all, though), which is later followed by a strict diet of raw veggies, fruit, fruit juices and water. Some also include herbs or other supplements.
  2. They minimize the number of chemicals typically ingested by resorting to means like eating only organic foods.
  3. They emphasize on foods that provide the body the vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants it needs in order to execute detoxification.
  4. They often try to increase the frequency of urination and bowel movement. This means that a detox diet encourages drinking lots of water and eating healthy fiber-rich foods.

Beyond those principles, what you can or can’t eat will depend on which type of detox diet you choose to do. Some are so intense that they involve only drinking liquids. Others allow a broader variety of foods than just fruits and raw vegetables. What you decide for how to cleanse your body to lose weight should be what is best suited for you and your body.

Since there are many things you could do for a detox diet, here we leave a couple of options for you to begin exploring.

Believe It Or Not, A One Day Detox

Let’s start off real easy! Begin with a one day detox in order to cleanse your body to lose weight. Just a one day detox won’t do the whole job, but it’s a good first step.

And it can also be a good trick to get back on track when you feel you’re stepping out of your diet (which, let’s be honest, happens to everyone). These are simple ways for knowing how to cleanse your body to lose weight.

Here are five ways to engage in a one day detox:

benefits of cucumber waterAs soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon. It can be cold or warm, but it can’t have any sweeteners!

The pectin from the lemon will aid your digestion, it will help curb your appetite and also boost satiety. All of this while also flushing toxins!

  • Use Breakfast To De-Bloat:

After your glass of lemon water, use breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism after a night of sleep.

Try to hold out on bread, cereal, and the likes to avoid retaining liquids. Instead, opt for protein, which will also give you a better feeling of satiety.

Smoothies are also a viable option (although you can’t use sugar to sweeten it, so be careful!).

  • Make Sure To Clean Up Your Diet:

You can’t skip out on meals: make sure to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack or two (maximum).

Also, make sure that your meals are whole, real foods, not just processed, junk foods.

Doing an effort to eat more naturally, less processed foods and eating consistently at every assigned time can make a world of difference, even after just one day! And doing this constantly will help you set the foundation for a healthy diet.

  • Enjoy A Cup Of Afternoon Tea:

Enjoy an exotic snack: dandelion root tea with an afternoon cucumber and almond snack. The dandelion tea will help improve your digestion.

If you dislike dandelion, replace it with green tea, which will provide your body with antioxidants and also give your metabolism a boost!

The cucumber helps you stay hydrated while the almond feeds your brain and also grants your body protein.

  • This One Never Fails, Get Sweating:

That’s right! Whip up some fun cardio moves, because sweating means increasing your heart rate, which in turn also means an increased blood flow through your body (not to mention all the other benefits exercise grants you).

An increased blood flow and sweat will help your body be able to flush out all the toxins on its own.

When you’re stressed out or stuck on an assignment, this is the perfect solution: you’ll clear your head, feel better about yourself and also boost your body’s ability to detox. Not to mention, you’ll even look better and feel full of energy.

The Next Step: One Week Detox Diet

Detox Waters and Juices for Weight LossAgain, remember to consult your family doctor or nutritionist before deciding to begin a detox diet.

It’s very important for your health and general well being that you choose a detox diet suited for your body and your needs.

Also remember to be careful with the amount of exercise you do during the diet, because the stricter the diet, the weaker your body may feel, especially the first few days.

After getting your doctor’s approval, you could begin considering the next step, and maybe start small, with a one week detox diet.

This kind of diet can be hard at first, because you might feel tired and weak, so make sure to begin with a manageable, relatively short detox regime.

There are many online sites you can consult for ideas about how to cleanse your body to lose weight. You can find everything from weekly dieting regimes to recipes for meals, smoothies and snacks you could eat during your keto diet.

In this site, you can also find various recipes for detox-approved meals. There is a section of smoothie recipes that include:

  • Berry Delicious Detox Smoothie
  • Creamy Strawberry
  • Pineapple Detox Smoothie
  • Green Protein Detox Smoothie
  • Green Protein Detox Smoothie
  • Glowing Green Detox Smoothie 
  • Strawberry “Shake” Weight Loss Smoothie.

You can find various big bowl salad recipes that range from the “Beautifying Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette” to the “Quinoa Chinese Salad with Peanut Dressing”. There are even more detox meal and detox snacks recipes on the site.

So, basically, if you’re asking yourself how to cleanse your body to lose weight, a detox diet could be a good answer.

Talk to your doctor, check out all the options you can find on the internet, and you’re good to go! Best of luck.


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