17 Health Benefits Of Detoxing Your Body

benetifs of detoxing
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There are many benefits of detoxing your body for both our physical and mental health. Physicians have been seeing an increase of medical issues related directly to toxicity in the span of the last few years, and those issues include fatigue, memory loss, obesity and hormone imbalances.

Although modern medicine does not yet acknowledge detoxication programs, numerous studies proved that toxins are one of the causes of many chronic symptoms and that detoxication will, without doubt, help our body and mind to function properly.

Detox diets are simply diet plans where you refrain from taking in different toxins. They can take many forms but are usually based on fruits, vegetables and generous amounts of water.

Processed foods, caffeine, tobacco and alcohol are the primary toxins that you should try to refrain from during your detox period. You can create your own detox plan, or use one of the popular diets developed by physicians.

Go through our extensive list to get that extra motivation to enroll in a detox program yourself!

Top Benefits of Detoxing For a Healthy Life


1. Energy Boost

Increased energy is one of the most notable benefits of detoxing. After the initial feeling of fatigue, your body will get used to your new regimen and you’ll start feeling more energetic throughout your day. And in the times when we are all constantly busy; who doesn’t need an energy boost?

To get the best result be sure to drink enough water, because dehydration is a common cause of tiredness during detoxication.

2. Controlling cravings and fighting food addiction

Many people report that a detox program helped them in controlling their cravings. Furthermore, junk food, especially sugars are known to be addictive, especially for the people who are usually prone to addiction.

Overprocessed food is filled with additives which induce cravings and this type of foods are known to release dopamine to the brain, similarly to some drugs.

Detox diets focus on removing junk food from your diet and with some time and persistence could be extremely beneficial in beating food addictions.

3. Eliminating toxins from foods, drinks and hygiene products

This one speaks for itself.

The modern society is used to incorporate a lot of toxin packed foods and drinks in their diet. Since our bodies can tolerate only a certain amount of toxins, this is a cause of many diseases the modern society faces. Buying more organic food, and decreasing overprocessed products will do a great deal of help in avoiding toxin-induced diseases.

Furthermore, hygiene products are also commonly packed with chemicals which could be very dangerous for your health. You can find a list of companies which don’t use toxic chemicals in their products on the official pages of the Environmental Working Group.

4. Giving your body the necessary micronutrients

Micronutrient deficiency is a common issue in the modern day society, and the most common deficiencies are those in iron, iodine, vitamin A, and zinc. Detox diets are based on superfoods rich in nutrients and make sure your body gets all the essentials it needs to function.

5. Stress reduction

Detoxication is known to help in coping with stress and balancing emotions. Cortisol is the hormone most responsible for raised stress levels.

Following a nutrition high in refined sugars leads to a large release of cortisol. Thus the benefits of detox diets, low in refined sugar and processed foods, go further than just our physical health, and also help in stress reduction and management.

6. Weight loss

Weight loss is a common motivation for people interested in detox diets. Although a detox diet will definitely encourage faster weight loss in the beginning period, its biggest benefits are more focused on long-term results.

When you finish your detoxication, you will get used to new healthy habits which will stick with you long after you’ve finished, and therefore will result in healthy weight loss and management in the long run.

7. Helps internal organs

A detox diet will ease the work to the organs responsible for removing the waste from our bodies, such as kidneys and liver. When there is an overabundance of toxins in our body, our organs can’t work as efficiently, even if they’re completely healthy.

For example, the liver cannot work properly. When it’s overwhelmed with toxins, it loses the ability to provide antioxidants and to break down hormones, so they begin to build up in our body. Thus a diet that aids in the elimination of toxins will improve the function of our organs immensely.

For an extra boost, include detox drinks in your program. They stimulate urination, which will also help in removing toxins from your body.

8. Boosts your immune system

benefits of detoxingWhen you take some weight off your organs with detoxing, they’ll be able to protect your body from diseases much more efficiently.

You will be able to absorb the healthy nutrients better, which will help your immune system tremendously. Furthermore, detox diets which include herb intake are also known to improve the lymphatic system which is partly responsible for keeping you healthy.

9. Better breath

Detoxing has many benefits aside from aiding your health and one of them is nicer breath. As your digestive system improves, and you clear out the toxins in your colon the main causes of bad breath will be eliminated. This benefit is usually arriving after the detox when your body had already released the excessive toxins.

10. Clearer skin

An unhealthy diet is a common cause of many skin issues, including premature skin aging, breakouts, and clogged pores. The detox process might seem to worsen your skin issues at first since the body needs time to adjust and release toxins. But stay patient, because after the detox is over, you’ll see your skin is more radiant and many of your skin issues are gone.

11. Improved thinking and better mood

An unhealthy diet also affects your mind negatively. When the toxins reach your nervous system they weaken your ability to concentrate and can also induce anxiety and depression.

Thus combining your detox diet with meditation will calm your mind, improve your concentration and decrease overthinking.

You won’t have to wait long to get the benefits of detoxing for your mental state. Just making a positive change in your life and making a step forward in your diet will make you feel much better from the start!

12. Healthier hair

Refined carbs and sugars are known to be one of the biggest reason for hair loss, and the lack of right nutrients often results in dry and brittle hair.

As you start following a detox diet you’ll see a great improvement in your hair, as it makes it shinier, softer and you could also notice faster growth.

After your hair is no longer under influence of inner toxins you’ll soon see and feel the difference.

13. Helps with Arthritis Inflammation of the joints

Numerous people reported that regular detoxing combined with a healthier diet soothed their joint pain, and some even recovered completely. There are numerous plans you can easily find online, dedicated specifically for arthritis patients. They are based on fruits and veggies which will keep your pain under control.

14. Clearer sinuses

A common problem related to sinus infections is Candida. A detox diet is commonly recommended to destroy Candida and rebuild your immune system to better help your sinuses stay healthy. After you finish your detox program be sure to eat as much organic and whole foods as possible to prevent any further sinus infections from developing.

15. Better sleep

sleeping to restAs you lower your refined sugar and caffeine intake, deal with your stress better and lead an energetic life, better sleep will come as a natural side effect.

A popular term “bedroom detox”, doesn’t only include eating healthier, but also focuses on removing your phone, laptop or any other distractions from your room before you go to sleep. If you are one of the people who scroll through their phones in bed for hours or is used to falling asleep with your tv turned on, consider trying out room detox yourself.

And the benefits go both ways. When you start sleeping better, your brains capability to eliminate toxins during the night will also improve.

16. Helps with Type 2 Diabetes

Certain foods, like sugar, gluten, dairy, and caffeine cause inflammation, which is closely related to insulin resistance. Thus numerous doctors recommend decreasing the intake of these foods or their complete elimination. Although type 2 diabetes must be taken seriously, and nothing beats a consistent healthy diet, a short-term detox diet will jumpstart your progress. It will also help you understand how to combat diabetes with an appropriate diet in the long run.

17. Helps with cancer prevention and treatment

Cancer is commonly referred to as “the new plague”.

The number of cancer patients has increased steadily over the last few decades, and the toxins in our air, foods, water, hygienic and cleaning products are closely related to the issues.

As regular cancer treatments became more and more unpopular over the years, detoxication became one of the most notable alternative methods.

Since the toxins have such a great influence on disease formation, detox methods will help tremendously in preventing, easing the symptoms or in some cases even curing cancer.

So there you go, these are the most notable benefits of detoxing your body for both your physical and mental health. There are many different programs you could follow, from juice detox to just caffeine and sugar elimination.

Experiment with different methods and find what works best for your body! After you’re done with your detox, try to keep some healthy habits in the long run. A consistently healthy diet packed with organic and whole foods will do magic for your health and prevent toxins from ever piling up again.

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