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Probiotics For Women: 10 Healthy Benefits You Get

probiotics for women
Written by Maria Marie

To maintain a correct balance between the good and bad bacteria, some probiotics for women will help you achieve that balance.

All of us are aware of the fact that bad bacteria are harmful, but very few of us actually care about the good bacteria that aid healthy living.

If we want to make our good bacteria strong, then it is imperative that we include more and more probiotics in our diet. The word ‘probiotic’ comes from the Greek language that means ‘for life’.

The probiotics help in increasing the good bacteria in our digestive system so that it can ward off the bad bacteria away.

Good Life With Probiotics

Probiotics have taken the center stage finally. It has been worked upon for a long time and now that everybody is talking about health benefits of probiotics, let’s see what all comes under the banner of probiotics.

People who are new to the concept of probiotics might be thinking what exactly probiotic is!

Probiotics are living micro-organisms that we can consume in the form of any fermented food or through supplements.

If the balance between the number of good bacteria and bad bacteria gets destroyed, then it affects our health adversely.

Several diseases and overall health are directly connected to the digestive system, so it is important to strike a perfect balance between the two.

The work of probiotics is to promote and maintain healthy gut bacteria. For women, the probiotics are equally important.

With the help of probiotics, you can take care of your immunity system, vaginal health, mood, and urinary health.

Probiotics are a great help for people suffering from IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constipation. Women are susceptible to IBS and constipation; still, they neglect their health. Studies show that Bifidobacterium Lactis helps in easing constipation.

Women Health and Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial to men and women both, but there are several feminine issues that can be taken care of by probiotics due to the beneficial microbes present in them.

It helps in maintaining the acidic condition of the vaginal area, thus preventing the growth of infectious bacteria.

The pH levels and beneficial flora balance can be maintained without much effort if one is taking its regular dose of probiotics.

Probiotics are also known to resist the growth of yeast and that is the reason why women should be including probiotics in their regular diet along with alkaline diet.

If you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis or Urinary Tract Infections, then it implies that your gut flora is affected badly due to some kind of deficiency.

When any such thing happens, the first thing that we do is to gulp down anti-biotic pills, but the problem with the antibiotics is that they destroy both the good and bad bacteria at a go.

Antibiotics are a short-term treatment that heals the problem for the time being, but in order to address the issue from inside we need the good bacteria to work full-time for us and it will only happen if we treat the problem with the help of probiotics.

Probiotics will initiate the growth of good bacteria that will eventually take care of the bad bacteria, namely, Gardnerella Vaginalis.

Different Probiotics For Women

There is umpteen number of probiotic supplement options for women to take care of their health. They can either consume the supplements or insert them to restore the balance of bacteria in their vagina.

The Probiotics for women is imperative to maintain healthy urinary tract environment and healthful vaginal environment. If the bacterial balance is not maintained, then the vaginal health will be threatened by in numerous harmful invaders.

So, it is highly recommended for the women to take care of their other parts of the body, including intestines by taking a good probiotic supplement.

 10 Health Benefits of Probiotics

 10 health benefits of probioticsWhile choosing probiotics as part of your diet, you will have to make sure that it doesn’t contain much sugar in it; else it won’t be that effective. So, yogurt is a good natural probiotic that can be consumed without sugar or very less sugar. Kimchi, pickles, kefir, etc. are some of the natural probiotic food that you can have to nourish the good bacteria.

1. Women health support

There are some strains of lactobacillus found in the probiotics that are beneficial for vaginal health. Then there are strains of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus along with Lactobacillus Reuteri in the probiotics that reduce the risk of UTIs.

In short, there are several factors present in the probiotics that help in boosting the vaginal health.

2. Restores the good bacteria

In case of any illness, if we take the antibiotics, then it not only kills the bad bacteria but also takes down the good bacteria along with it. But, if you take probiotics, then it will help in recovering the beneficial micro-organisms after the use of antibiotics.

3. Treating vaginal infection

It is not easy to get rid of urogenital infections, vaginal yeast infections, and bacterial vaginosis once you are diagnosed with it. But, if you have your regular dose of probiotics supplements, then you can prevent them from coming.

The Lactobacillus fermentum and Lactobacillus rhamnosus present in the probiotics are responsible for taking care of your vaginal flora.

4. Improving fertility

A recent study has shown that probiotics have certain strains that can help with the fertility as well. So, if you are having a problem in conceiving or any other fertility issues, then probiotics might turn out to be the perfect answer for you.

5. Keeps you protected from cold and flu

How to Get Rid of ColdProbiotics are rich in elements that help in the prevention of cold and flu. If anyone is prone to cold and flu, then start incorporating probiotics into your diet and you will soon find yourself hale and hearty.

6. Treatment for diarrhea

Once you are done with your dose of antibiotics, diarrhea is soon to follow and there is a reason behind that. The antibiotics adversely affect your gut balance resulting in diarrhea.

Several studies have proved that probiotics reduce the risk of diarrhea caused due to the intake of antibiotics.

It is said that probiotics reduce the chances of diarrhea by 42% if it is caused due to the antibiotics. The other types of diarrhea that are not caused by the use of antibiotics can also be healed using probiotics. Within a matter of 25 hours, probiotics have worked their magic on the patient suffering from diarrhea.

The traveler’s diarrhea can also be healed by the use of probiotics by 8%. The strains of Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Casei, and Saccharomyces boulardii present in the probiotics are responsible for reducing the risk of diarrhea.

7. Hale and hearty

Probiotics have the ability to lower the blood pressure and LDL that is the bad cholesterol. There are some bacteria that produce lactic acid that breaks down in the gut and helps in reducing the cholesterol.

Bile helps in digestion, but this natural fluid is made of cholesterol, so the probiotic helps in breaking down the bile, thus preventing it from getting reabsorbed and entering the blood through the gut as cholesterol.

So, start taking probiotic yogurt and see your total cholesterol going down by 4% and 5% of LDL cholesterol will also come down.

If at all, there is no change in LDL percentage, yet you will find the HDL that is the good cholesterol increasing after regular consumption of the probiotics.

Even the blood pressure can be modestly reduced if probiotics are consumed regularly at a required amount.

8. Digestive disorders are taken care of

Inflammatory bowel disease like the Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are quite common these days and probiotics have a solution for this problem too.

Bifidobacterium along with lactobacillus properties present in the probiotics helps in improving the symptoms of mild ulcerative colitis.

Though the probiotics are said to be effective on Crohn’s disease, the research suggests that it has a very little effect on it. But, when it comes to other bowel disorders, probiotics are highly beneficial in treating them.

Premature infants sometimes suffer from a fatal bowel condition, but it is seen that probiotics have been helpful in reducing the necrotizing enterocolitis by half.

9. Aids in losing belly fat and weight

3-day-dietWondering how a simple change in your diet can help you in losing belly fat? Add probiotics to your diet and see how it aids in losing weight and belly fat.

The main reason behind this is that probiotics make you feel fuller for a long time, store less fat, and helps in burning more calories by increasing the levels of GLP-1 hormones.

If you include probiotics in your diet while you are trying to lose weight, then there are chances that you will lose 50% more weight than people who haven’t included probiotics in their diet. The strains of Lactobacillus gasseri in probiotics results in 8.5% belly fat reduction in 12 weeks.

Though probiotic is good for health, not all probiotics are good for weight loss. There is a certain lactobacillus acidophilus present in the probiotics that initiate weight gain, so choose your probiotics supplements carefully while losing weight.

10. Keep your skin healthy with probiotics

A study revealed the association between intestinal tract, acne, and temperament and bacteria. If the probiotics for women can cure the acne problem, then it is definitely a boon.

Taking proper probiotics enhances the health of the skin, uplifts the mood, and will also help in curing depression and anxiety.

If the mothers who are prone to allergies take probiotics regularly, then the risk of the child developing eczema reduces potentially.

Probiotics take care of our immunity system and heal us from inside out by warding off the bad bacteria out of our system and increasing the good bacteria.


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