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How to Lose Weight The Easy Way

how to lose weight
Written by Maria Marie

Losing weight is one of the most popular health concerns of modern humans. How to lose weight when we are now eating more calories, bigger portions and get less exercise than we did even 20 years ago. The foods are also getting more processed, less fresh and less healthy than ever before.

We have lost contact with true food sources and have replaced our physical activities with technological entertainment.

We are slowly but surely moving into a society which focuses on a fast lifestyle with less emphasis on quality. Fast foods, fast fashion, and fast lifestyles have also increased our stress levels. Most people even don`t have the time to sleep 8 hours each night to wake up refreshed and ready for a new day. It is no wonder that the overall weight of the population in developed countries has increased dramatically.

Although all these reasons keep us apart from a healthy lifestyle, the hope is not lost and we can still manage to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight if we dedicated enough motivation behind our actions.

How to lose weight and stay in shape

Losing weight should never be a quick process. You should avoid any books, supplements, and programs which promise quick results. Nobody needs quick results. People need sustainable results. Unless you have a genetic predisposition for extra weight or you have some hormonal problems, there are no reasons to not find a plan which can work for a fit lifestyle. Here are the top tips which are proven to work for most people on a proper approach to losing weight:

Start with getting enough rest

sleeping to restNot getting enough rest can put extra stress on your body. You need to make sure you get 8 hours of sleep every night and maybe, even more, when you start exercising. Getting enough sleep also means replacing energy drinks and coffee with a good night`s rest. There is no palpable reason to stay awake past your biological clock. If you feel sleepy you need to go to bed. This whole process goes back to getting enough sleep during the night.

Get a healthy approach to physical activity

You don’t need to push extra hard at the gym and don`t need to buy expensive supplements to get in shape. All you need is a sustainable plan which finds you doing some sort of activities for at least 45 minutes each day.

You can rotate the activities so that you feel motivated. If you`re trying to lose weight you can pick up a sport and combine it with 2-3 full-body workouts at the gym. This will be a booster for your metabolism and you will find it might be something you enjoy. If the routine is too much for you there are other options out there. Start with long walks around your neighborhood and look for a partner who will make things more interesting and fun.

There are numerous activities which can help you lose weight. The best one which burns the most calories in the shortest period of time is with high-intensity circuit-style training. This will ensure you burn calories even after you finish working out.

A high-intensity routine might not be the best choice for overweight people which might feel the pressure on the knees. Make sure you start slowly. You can start performing one exercise each time and increase the number once you get accustomed to the movements. You should be able to switch exercises up for 45 minutes with short resting intervals if you want a healthy body.

Some other physical activities involve full-body weight training. This means you will be using weight to gain muscle and burn fat. A full body routine also means you will get the chance to experiment with different muscle groups in each session which will keep your heart rate elevated and will also burn more calories.

You could also join a pool for regular swimming sessions. Swimming has been proven to work for weight loss as it provides a complete workout and improves your respiratory system at the same time.

Other group activities might also be beneficial. Make sure that you take some active off days in which you go to the park for a walk with friends or family. This will get raise your metabolism and improve digestion and it will also have a good psychological impact.

Learn which foods to eat and which to avoid

When it comes to nutrition you could get thousands of tips. But you need to understand the basic of good nutrition. You want clean foods which you cook at home. This way you know exactly what goes into your body, you can calculate calories and you can even prepare your meals in advance.

Foods that you should be eating are vegetables, fruits, meats and simple carbohydrates. Vegetables are a great source of fiber and minerals which is crucial when sustaining your weight loss efforts. You want to ensure you eat as many green vegetables as possible. To balance the meal you can add a good protein source like fish with a spoon of rice which will work as a great energy boost with its high carbohydrates content.

If you truly want to lose weight you will have to cook some of your meals in advance. Make sure you prepare lunch and take it with you to work or school to avoid buying unhealthy options. You can also use this opportunity to learn new recipes every week.

What to avoid when trying to lose weight

weight loss foodAvoiding some foods is not mandatory, but highly recommendable. You should avoid fast-foods or any other processed foods. When you go shopping to your local supermarket always start with the fresh produce section, this way you will ensure you will get the best and healthiest options first.

You should also avoid all sugary drinks. In fact, you should only be drinking water and tea. Soda and other types of sugary drinks negatively impact your body and get stored as fat. They can also dehydrate your body and prompt a reverse reaction with water retention as the body will think you are not getting enough water.

You should also avoid foods which come in a powdered form. Powdered potatoes, powdered beans or any other powders are not real food. This is where we really start to lose contact with our food sources. If you want to eat a potato-tasting dish, you need to buy real potatoes.

You should also try eating fruits as they are good for your digestive system and will provide the backbone of energy boosting options. Some mornings you can even replace water with a water and lime drink which should provide enough Vitamin C to boost your metabolism early in the day.

Losing weight is not only about exercising or eating right. It is about balancing them in a way which works for you. Living a healthy lifestyle is always challenging and requires constant efforts. You need to ensure you get the most of the efforts by choosing a program and food solutions which are sustainable over the long term. You also need to prioritize physical activities every day. If you don`t like spending time in the gym you can choose a sport and go through a weekly program even after you have lost the weight.

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