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How to Get Rid of Cavities and Strengthen Your Teeth

Getting rid of cavities is a top priority when it comes to the health of the teeth. There are many small steps which can also help heal cavities. But in order to understand how cavities can be healed we need to understand what causes them.

What causes cavities?

Cavities can show up at any age from early childhood. Most research seems to lead to some common causes. It’s worth mentioning that bad teeth or general teeth problems can also be the result of patterns in the family.

Lack of minerals

Minerals play a vital role in the healthiness of the body and of the mind. Minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are essential to healthy teeth. Then there is the deficiency in certain vitamins like: A, D, E and K. Together with the lack of vitamins and minerals, cavities can be influenced by the consumption of foods which are rich in acid. These foods include sodas and some flavored drinks. And then finally the biggest concern with cavity causes is with refined sugars in all forms. From desserts to drinks and foods, refined sugars eaten constantly can affect the teeth to a great level.

How to get rid of cavities

how to get rid of cavitiesThe best way to get rid of cavities is to prevent them. To do this you need to be organized with teeth hygiene and avoid certain foods.

Avoid sugar

You can have sugary drinks or foods from time to time, but generally speaking, you should avoid them as much as you can. Not only are they bad for your teeth but they are also linked to various diseases and heart problems. This is easier said than done. Sugar addiction is real and it creates many problems, especially with children.

It may be very difficult to educate kids against sugary foods and drinks. Even if you manage to get to that stage, children will always be tempted with sugary foods by other children. Then there is the issue of habits. If at the age of 16-18 you are eating sugary foods on a daily basis you are already set in that specific mindset which can make it really difficult to improve. In some extreme cases, nutritionists need to work one-on-one with teenagers and adults to battle sugar addiction. The obvious sugary foods include sodas and sweets.

But have you considered limiting bake goods? Too many of us completely ignore baked goods when it comes to preventing or getting rid of cavities. If you`re not baking your pastries or bread yourself you can`t really control the ingredients. And even then, adding high quantities of sugar and salt can impact your health in the long term.

Get your Vitamin D

Together with sun exposure, a dairy-rich diet can help provide the necessary Vitamin D for tooth mineralization. Make sure you`re not avoiding foods like cheese, milk, fruits, oats, fish etc.

Use the proper toothpaste

Toothpastes come in various options. Mineralizing toothpaste with no fluoride can be beneficial if used at least 2 times per day. If you can afford the price, make sure to replace your old toothpaste with mineralizing toothpaste.

How to heal cavities

getting rid of cavitiesAlthough the idea of healing tooth decays naturally is relatively new in the mainstream media, there are some foods which could potentially improve the state of your cavities. Here are some methods you can try to heal cavities:

Oil pulling

Apparently the anti-microbial properties of coconut oil make it a good food for detoxification. The procedure is simple but it takes time. Swishing a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth for 25 minutes can be a good technique of detoxification. It has the ability to benefit conditions like gingivitis. The recommended time for this is early in the morning.

If your coconut oil is solid, heat it up and use it for at least 20 minutes. If it comes out yellow it`s fine. It would be recommended to spit the oil in the trash when you finish avoiding future plumbing problems. It is also advisable to rinse with warm water when you finish.

Reduce phytic acid intake

Phytic acid is a substance found in grains, beans, lentils, soy, some nuts and some seeds. You don`t actually need to eliminate all these foods from your diets. How you cook them has a major impact on how they react. Make sure to soak them overnight if you want to cook them. If you want to boil some beans let the soak for at least 8 hours.

The same goes for soy. Nuts have good fats which can benefit the body so make sure to only exclude nuts which are which are high in phytic acid. Phytic acid can cause mineral deficiencies. Makes sure you don`t fall into the category of people with deficiencies of calcium, iron, zinc or magnesium by limiting and cooking these foods in a right manner.

Eat teeth-friendly foods

Humans have started to eat differently than they did just hundreds of years ago. Some of the simplest foods which can improve the state of your teeth are apples. Apples are high in water which is good because it can dilute the natural sugars found in them. Apples also promote saliva production which can guard teeth against decay. When eating apples make sure you eat the whole apple, skin and seeds included. Some of the best vitamins and minerals like magnesium are found in seeds.

Avoid dry mouth

Saliva plays an essential role in protecting teeth against cavities. Make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the day to enhance saliva production. Dehydration can also be influenced by some drinks like coffee or by some illnesses. Some types of medication can also dehydrate your body. Smoking is bed for your lungs but also bad for your teeth and you need to quit if you want healthy saliva.

So in order to get the best chances of healing your cavities you need to understand what causes them. It can be a chore to look through all the foods and make a list of safer foods. One thing you can do is download a smartphone app which is dedicated to oral health. You can find lists of safe foods, meal plans and advice on toothpastes and much more essential information.

Make sure to go to the dentist and ask for professional advice. Don`t wait until your teeth are causing problems and make sure to book an appointment every 6 months. Together with a proper hygiene, your dentist can guide you in the right direction on how to get rid of cavities. Ask your dentist if you can have your saliva analyzed, in some cases this can tell what kind of teeth problems you can expect in the future.

Some of the best methods to fix cavities is by combining the right foods at the right times. In the morning you can try a 20 minute oil pulling session. You can also avoid some types of foods high in phytic acid like beans. In the afternoon you can eat dairy products which are great for remineralization. In the evening you can use a remineralizing toothpaste. Throughout the day you need to remember not to eat sugary foods and to drink plenty of water to boost saliva production and you`ll be on your way to healthier teeth and gums.


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