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25 Cranberry Juice Benefits For Your Health

cranberry juice benefits
Written by Maria Marie

Cranberries are a century-old fruit with many health qualities; there are actually some great cranberry juice benefits that you can drink to easily take advantage of those great cranberry health benefits.

Though cranberries are consumed in various forms, starting from jams, juice, dried cranberries, sauce, drinks, etc., the benefits of cranberry juice remain unmatched.

Cranberries grow mainly on the shrubs around North America and parts of Europe. Even in Canada, cranberry farms can be found.

Cranberries were always healthy, but due to its tart taste, people used to stay away from it.

But now as people are getting conscious about their health, they are ready to gulp in anything that is healthy irrespective of their taste.

Cranberries are counted amongst the ‘superfood’ as it serves all its purposes without adding up any extra calorie.

If you have half a cup of cranberry every day, then your calorie intake is a meager 25. This half cup of cranberry is packed with almost all the nutrients that our body needs to function properly.

Nutritional Value of Cranberry Juice

If you want to enjoy the nutritional value of cranberry juice, then it is imperative that you go for the natural cranberry juice and not the sweetened one.

Otherwise, the purpose won’t be served. So, let’s dig deep into the nutritional value of half cup (55 grams) of cranberries.

  • Protein – 0.25g
  • Fat – 0.07g
  • Calories – 25
  • Carbohydrates – 6.6g (including sugar -2.3g)
  • Fiber – 2g
  • Calcium – 5mg
  • Iron – 0.12mg
  • MaFiberum – 3.5mg
  • Phosphorus – 6mg
  • Potassium – 44mg
  • Sodium – 1mg
  • Zinc – 0.05mg
  • Vitamin C – 7.7mg
  • Vitamin A – 35 IU
  • Vitamin E – 0.72mg
  • Vitamin K – 2.75mcg (micrograms)
  • Folate DFE – 0.5mcg

Apart from the above-mentioned nutrients, cranberries are also home to thiamin, niacin, riboflavin along with Vitamin B6.

It is also a great source of anti-oxidants.

In order to get the fresh cranberries, you will have to wait until fall season because September and October are the harvest time for cranberries. But, the good news is that the cranberries can be kept in the refrigerator for almost 2 months.

While picking up cranberries make sure that it is firm and unwrinkled.

There are plenty of cranberry options in the market, but before buying always check the label where the ingredients are stated. If it contains sugar, then it is better to avoid them.

Fresh cranberry sauce is a must in the Thanksgiving meal, but if you want to enjoy the benefits of cranberries all throughout the year, then you can do so with dried cranberries.

If you are bored of drinking cranberry juice, then you can add it to your oatmeal to make it even more tempting. Then there are cranberry smoothie or cranberry muffins and cookies.

People who should avoid cranberries

Though cranberries are considered super food, still there are some who should avoid having cranberries or at least consult the doctor before having one.

  • If you are on medication like Coumadin or warfarin for blood thinning, then you must consult your doctor before adding cranberries to your diet
  • If you have a history of kidney stones, then your cranberry intake should be restricted

25 Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Now, let’s explore all the cranberry juice benefits. Here we have listed 25 such benefits for you-

1- Urinary Tract Infection

Cranberry juice actually helps in preventing urinary tract infection. If you already have the Urinary Tract Infection, then it won’t be much of a help in treating your infection because it doesn’t possess the ability to kill the bacteria (E. coli) responsible for the infection, it only restricts the growth of the bacteria.

So, if you are prone to UTI, then you can have it every day to prevent the harmful bacteria from growing.

In case of urinary tract infection, cranberry juice works more as a preventive measure than a treatment.

2- Osteoporosis

Cranberry juice has high calcium content, so the intake of cranberry juice daily will eliminate the chances of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is the condition where bones become very fragile, increasing the chances of fractures or bending of bones.

3- Immunity

A meager 25g of cranberry is packed with 8983 antioxidants, thus helping in boosting our immune system, slowing the process of aging, etc.

If you are having your cranberries in raw form, then flavonoids and polyphenols that are kinds of phytochemicals will impart a positive effect on your metabolism.

The cranberry juice is also beneficial for fighting the memory loss problem and indigestion. Cranberry juice also assists in restoring cell damages, thus reducing the chances of infections.

4- Cardiovascular health

The presence of anti-oxidants and flavonoids in cranberry juice helps in decreasing the atherosclerosis threat. This is a condition where the constriction of arteries happens due to the fat accumulation in them.

Due to this obstruction, the normal oxygen-rich flow of blood doesn’t reach various body parts and this leads to stroke or heart attack.

Cranberry juice helps in lowering the risk of heart-related ailments and also aids in improving cardiovascular health.

5- Cold and Flu

How to Get Rid of ColdThe cranberry juice contains 7.7mg of Vitamin C and it is enough to create a shield against cold and flu.

If you have a habit of consuming cranberry juice daily, then you will not be prone to respiratory infection as much.

It is also believed to provide relief in case of nose running, headache, and sore throat.

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